Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Introducing Fresh Artistry

Indianapolis dining service Fresh Artistry | food delivery service in Indianapolis that provides prepped and ready to cook mealsAs a working parent, I love convenience at dinner. But more importantly I want to feed my family freshly prepared food.

That's why I was excited to preview the Fresh Artistry service and the new family plan that is launching in Indianapolis in December.

We settled on an Amish Chicken with Peach Preserves and Chipotle, nestled over Smashed Potatoes and served with green beans. We were greeted at our door with a boxed meal, packed in recyclable insulated liners, with fresh produce and proteins ready to prepare. There was no guessing, no wondering if your measuring spoons were clean or if you had a spice in question.

Did the food look good? Absolutely. Was it tasty? Yes. But the most impressive part? It was ready to go and directions written in a way my 9 year old could make - and plate - a "fancy meal" for our family. I'll share with you the chef's thoughts in her words:

My First Fancy Meal 

If your kid ( or kids ) want to become famous chefs this is the meal to teach them. Believe me I am a kid. This recipe is orange marmalade and chipotle chicken breast, mashed potatoes,  and green beans. It is really hard to cook the chicken, because with the temp pressure. Another reason the chicken is hard to cook is that you have to make sure each side has the right amount of sauce, but making all that food was fun.

Fresh Artistry's family delivery service costs $29.99 per meal (or $89.97/3 meals) and feeds two adults and up to three children. Two-plate meals for smaller households are $19.99 per meal ($59.97/3). Delivery is free.  

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