Thursday, November 23, 2017

Today's Gospel Reflection for Thanksgiving Day

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Reflections on Luke 19:41-44.

I write this reflection 13 months into the future, during a time when we have had anxiety over our presidential election, the future of our Supreme Court, threats against religious liberty and uncertainty about my children's future. 

Today's Gospel shares similar foreboding - "For the days are coming upon you when...they will encircle you and hem you in."

There's a sense of irony that these verses come on Thanksgiving Day, a day when we thank God despite all obstacles placed in our lives. It's in times of trials and tribulations that God shines through us.

Despite the darkness, we can show God's light. 

And yet, as I write this, I hear nearly 100 youth and teens singing His praises in prayer and worship: "Show Your mighty hand through the streets and land...Set this church on fire. Win this nation back..."

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