Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer Learning Challenge Week 5

Unconventional learning is the  plan again this week.

My oldest is going to archaeology camp through the Girl Scouts. While she's read books and played online to learn about the past,  it won't compare to a week at least exploring what it might be like to be an archaeologist. I can not wait to learn about her adventures and hope it won't disappoint.

My second grader goes to Cub Scout day camp this week as well.  The unusually warm weather may take a toll on him,  but we've scheduled some quiet downtime activities as well.

Today is Father's Day, and his dad is working.  What is my little guy excited about this afternoon?  Finally playing with his Physics Workshop toolkit he got for a birthday gift.  Not kidding.  Once he flipped through the book and saw he could make motorized machines pulleys and  more,  he decided that was our afternoon plan.  I'm thrilled it doesn't involve a TV show.

What are your learning plans for the week?

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