Monday, July 11, 2016

Saving Sanity on Back to School Shopping

Saving time and sanity by shopping online for your school supplies | back to school tips
I stepped into the school supply aisle. With two kids in tow.

It was like I let small children step into the toy aisle. "I want." "I need."

And in 10 minutes time, I was shaking my head, and only half of the school supplies were already in the cart.

For the rest of my school supply shopping, I'm going online. And never coming back.

I'm in love with the fact that Amazon now offers school supply lists online. It's well worth my time and money to place an order and not fight with being kids, shopping cart battles and more when I do store shopping. It's especially helpful as our art teacher requests niche specialty art supplies each year, and any difference in price is easily made up by the savings in gas and my time!

You can go online and search for your school's list or search for a generic school supply list by grade:

Find FAQs here. This post does include affiliate links, for which I may receive a percentage of sales at no cost to you.

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