Sunday, May 29, 2016

Summer Learning Challenge Week 2

It's Memorial Day Weekend and our first full week of summer vacation!

It's also a crazy, busy week, as my daughter is in full-blown Tech Week with her theatre production. I feel blessed that she was accepted in the play that wasn't out until after the school year, because the 4-5 hour a night practices plus school would have been too much!

Here's what we're doing with this week's Summer Learning Challenge:

Incoming Third-Grade Boy:

  • This is sis’s TECH WEEK! So it will be weird and busy. As they say in theatre, break a leg! What part of the English language is “break a leg”? _______
    (Note, my kids talk all the time about idioms. I don't personally understand it, but it's their thing. Seeing if they catch this!)
  • —Make Tangrams with your sister.
  • Cook a meal.
  • Don’t forget to do at least 1 book report this week!
  • Take care of your garden.
  • Read Seaman’s Journal. (This is a book, told from a perspective of a dog who traveled with Lewis and Clark, that we got at the Lewis and Clark site in Missouri.) Write a nonfiction book report.
  • Write a letter to your friend who moved out of state.
  • Make a crossword puzzle for your sister.
  • —Do the Lewis and Clark challenge. (OK, this is actually an online Junior Ranger program!)
  • Play Math Baseball!

Incoming Sixth-Grade Girl:

  • HAPPY TECH WEEK! As they say in theatre, break a leg! What part of the English language is “break a leg”? _______
  • Make sure your theatre stuff is cleaned and put away each night.
  • Find and pack a quiet activity in your tech week bag.
  • —Work on your sewing project.
  • Make Tangrams with your brother. 
  • Take care of your garden.
  • Pick a badge and work on it. Show mom what you did.
  • Read.
  • —Do the Lewis and Clark challenge
  • —Pack your camp backpack.
  • Get enough sleep! 

How is your summer learning going? Share your updates below!

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  1. This is Awesome. I going to share this with other blogger friends so that they could also participate :)..

  2. I hope her tech week goes really well! The learning activities you've come up with seem perfect for a busy week. I am so glad you linked this up at the Lifelong Learners Link-Up at this week!
    Tina from Desperate Homeschoolers