Thursday, December 11, 2014

Making marshmallows: An easy but messy afternoon project

Making marshmallows is a project I never would have considered doing with my kids. But after being introduced to local artisan marshmallow company 240Sweet a few years ago, and having taken a class, it's been on the "well, maybe..." list for some time.

My daughter decided, though, she wanted to make marshmallows for a Christmas gift this year. We did a trial run to see how it worked. After locating this marshmallow recipe, we decided to take a trial run.

To make marshmallows, you'll need:
  • powdered sugar
  • white sugar
  • corn syrup
  • unflavored gelatin 
  • vanilla extract
  • salt
  • candy thermometer
  • mixer
  • 9x12 pan
  • parchment paper
  • spray

Keep in mind, you'll have about 20 minutes or so of watching hot sugar on a stove, followed by roughly 10 minutes of mixing. The syrup will change from a thin, yellowish color syrup to a white gooey mess that, once thick,  you'll pour into a 9x12 pan lined with parchment paper.

How to make marshmallows

But the toughest part about making marshmallows?

The wait.

Yes, you have to wait 11-12 hours for the marshmallows to set up and dry out. So in our case, we made them in the afternoon to enjoy the next day. 

Then you flip them out, cut them with a pizza cutter, and dust with powdered sugar.

Unfortunately, the recipe says the marshmallows are good for two weeks. But, really, who keeps those around that long?

Make your own marshmallows | DIY recipe

Get the recipe to make your own marshmallows.
And, learn how to make a marshmallow-making kit for science lovers here.


  1. Ok, that sounds really yummy. We may have to try making our own marshmallows!

  2. Thank you for posting to Motivation Monday!

  3. I have been wanting to make marshmallows for ages. Thank you so much for the recipe!