Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Rebates on Christmas shopping with Ibotta

Earn rebates on Christmas shopping with Ibotta - $10 rebate on many $100 online purchases + extra $10 rebate if you accumulate $10 in rebates in December!I confess: I'm in love with Ibotta. This app has helped me accumulate rebates on things I usually purchase (like milk, bread or eggs) as well as other grocery items the last several months. Now that Christmas is coming, I'm able to cash out those rebates for gift cards or a PayPal or Venmo deposit.

But if you're still shopping for Christmas gifts, now is the time to check out this app.

This month, Ibotta not only has rebates on online purchases, but it also has a deal for people who earn $10 in rebates, and our team earns $10 in rebates. So, if you did an online purchase, say $100 at Kohls.com, you'd get the $10 rebate that's already offered, but you'd also make progress toward YOU receiving another $10 in rebates.

What can you do to earn $10 in rebates?

Holiday shoppers can earn it with:

  • $10 back on $100 purchase at Kohls.com.
  • $10 back on $100 purchase from Nordstrom.com
  • $10 back on $100 purchase from LandsEnd.com
  • $10 back on $100 purchase from Macys.com
  • $15 back on $100 purchase from White House Black Market
  • $10 back on $75 purchase from Cabelas.com
  • $10 back on $100 purchase from Champs.com
  • $15 back on $50 purchase from Delias.com
  • $5 back on $100 from Clarks.com
  • $5 back on $100 purchase from Forever21.com
  • $5 back on $50 purchase from Express.com
  • $5 back on $50 purchase from JCPenney.com
  • $5 back on $50 purchase from Lids.com


  1. I have never used iBotta for online purchases, but I use it all the time for groceries. Gotta love getting those Starbucks giftcards!

  2. I have this on my phone but never actually use it. Thanks for reminding me that I need to! lol

  3. I just got a smart phone. This sounds like an app I will have to check out! How do you use it with groceries?

    1. Joy, all you need to do is select groceries (listed by store), then after you purchase you scan the product Barcode and the receipt.

  4. I've never even heard of Ibotta. I will check in to this, who doesn't like saving money and getting gift cards! :) Thank you for sharing at the #HomeMatters Linky Party. Pinned and shared. :)

    ~Lorelai @ Life With Lorelai