Friday, October 2, 2015

Frugal Friday 3

Sickness has been the rule in our home lately,  and it left some nasty results.
My husband was in bed for eight days with bronchitis,  the end result bring that he could not complete his prerequisites for his job retaining program.  By the grace of God they are letting him restart in the November class but this sets us back another two months.  We've delayed our internal home repairs from the flood as well,  as our insurance company has not sent us the balance.
We are moving into month four of a one income lifestyle,  and we are feeling the pinch.  We've asked our kids not to buy milk at school lunch.  We're strategically planning Christmas gifts. (Clothing or tennis shoes,  anyone?)
My Cub Scout is working extremely hard to sell popcorn to fund his next summer at day camp, and we are getting close!! Three popcorn booths at church each weekend have added up. I'm proud of him for all the effort!
What frugal victories did you celebrate this week?

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