Friday, October 16, 2015

Frugal Friday 5: Frugal Fall Break

Fall break is going frugal this year! Camping trips and excursions to Kansas or other adventures are out. Instead, we're seeking out local adventures to enjoy.

This week, we:

Enjoyed free passes to Holiday World from a coworker. We were able to visit my parents and take the kids out to their first time at an amusement park. And, by going on the later-starting Sunday, eating a large breakfast first and packing snacks in our car, we were able to enjoy the park without splurging on $7.99 funnel cakes or other expensive snack items.

Went to the Children's Museum Haunted House. Again, for free. Several years ago we discovered that the local public libraries offered free passes as part of their "stopping in" prizes during the summer reading program. For the last two years, we have snagged those instead of $1 off coupons elsewhere. The kids love it - and we were even able to take my daughter's Girl Scout troop last year!

Went to the apple orchard and hiking.

Fall break might not have been a wild adventure,  but it was a sea of little ones.  And that is ok.

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