Friday, October 30, 2015

Frugal Friday #6

Happy day before Halloween! I'm sure your children are wound up about fall parties and Halloween celebrations at school as well.

We've been trying to keep our Halloween celebrations on the frugal end as well. Here are some of the things our family has been doing:

Our Girl Scout and classroom party admittedly featured the same activities. (Buy once, use twice, right?) We're upcycling a ton of toilet paper rolls for our $1 spooky craft and are playing the "Bag of Bones game" in the classroom today.

Halloween costumes have been homemade creations too. My son was a ninja for one party but has since decided to trick or treat as a skeleton. Both came from his closet (we bought skeleton pajamas on clearance last winter.).

My daughter went as "Night" to the scout party and may still raid her closet to be Luna Lovegood for her friend's party.

And as per tradition, we'll be greating trick or treaters tomorrow with Happy Meal toys, party bag trinkets and other items.

How are you having a frugal Halloween celebration?

1 comment:

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